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Aledo Movers: Why You Need To Hire Professionals

Brazos Movers are one of the most trusted companies in Aledo, Texas. We are a family-owned business who has been serving the community for three generations now.

We specialize in highly breakable objects, valuable belongings, and sensitive materials. All our workers have received professional training from packing, handling, loading, and moving. We follow a strict protocol in each step of the process. This is the only way to ensure uniformity and meet our high standards regardless of the scope of work, the point of destination, and the things to be moved.

Each of our workers also undergoes a thorough background check. We understand the security aspect of the business. You are essentially inviting strangers to your home. This is why we take the security aspect very seriously.

Our company also owns the perfect equipment to disassemble furniture and fixtures and put them together again at the destination point. There’s a particular art in fitting all the stuff inside our truck. Fortunately, this is our specialty to make the least number of trips as possible, thereby saving you money.

Why Hire Aledo Movers?

You may balk at the initial price, but it’s more cost-effective in the long run if you hire professional movers. For one, all your valuables are insured so breakage or missing pieces will be reimbursed their full value.

People think that they can save money when they do it on their own. However, they have to hire a truck to load the equipment, they have to take a leave of absence at work, they have to pay for the gas, and if you are soliciting the help of your friends, you will have to feed or give them refreshments.

We are not even talking about the potential injuries you might suffer in case of accidents.

Our company, meanwhile, will take care of all of that at the minimal hourly fee. The standard price is around $20-25 per hour. The final cost will also depend on the number of kilometers from starting point to the final destination.

You can take the option of packing all your belongings and calling us afterward, or you leave all the packing to us. Each option will have a different price point. We urge that you call us to give you an approximate cost of each package.

Call Brazos Movers Today!

Let us do the heavy lifting on your behalf. This is what we do, after all. You can instead make use of your time to perform more critical tasks. Alternatively, you hop on your car and take all the time you need to go to your new home knowing full well that when you arrive, your place will be ready. We got you covered.

If you want Aledo movers, why look further? Call Brazos Movers, and we take care of your problem for you. Call us so we can schedule the moving date. You can also talk to our staff if you have questions that needed to be addressed.



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Budget Movers & Storage BBB Business Review
Budget Movers & Storage BBB Business Review