Cardboard Mailing Tubes Wholesale

Cardboard Mailing Tubes Wholesale

Save on your next purchase of cardboard mailing tubes. Wholesale prices are available on Omnipak, meaning you’ll pay less for products you’re already using. We carry a lot more than just mailing tubes, caps & plugs. We are a full-service packaging and shipping supplies distributor to the world.

Quality Chipboard Mailing Tubes

We carry strong, reliable mailing tubes that get the job done better than other lower quality products. Before placing an order with a packaging and shipping company, be sure to inquire as to the durability and integrity of the product to ensure it’s able to meet your standards. Our Kraft paper rolls come in handy when you have a document, map, or other relevant paperwork you need to ship in such a way as to keep the item from creasing or becoming damaged.

Consider the benefits of using our cardboard mailing tubes, and we’re confident you’ll agree, they are the simplest, most natural way to ship essential documents through the mail. Many of our customers use tubes for inter-office movement of materials that require an extra level of security from damage or compromise.

Lower Costs Positively Impact Monthly Revenue

You’ll save money on the costs of shipping when you opt for cardboard mailing tubes. Wholesale prices on large orders can further lower your operating costs. Compare the costs of shipping, and you’ll find mailing tubes are one of the best ways to ship without overpaying on the cost of the shipping materials themselves, as well as the shipping cost. Omnipak’s mailing tubes are a terrific price- many are less than 50 cents a piece!

Establish Your Company as an Authority

The professional appearance of our cardboard mailing tubes is something that will go far in providing the professional look you want to portray. For the cost of a few cents more than using a Kraft envelope, you can set yourself apart from the crowd- after all, what company wouldn’t appreciate receiving documents from a business partner in a professional mailing tube versus one that was folded up and shipped in an envelope?

Your company’s reputation is at stake every time you interact with another agency. Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when it comes to shipping.

Cardboard Mailing Tubes Offer Additional Protection

While cardboard mailing tubes are not waterproof, they offer a significant improvement in protection compared with envelopes. Liquids spilled on envelopes can penetrate into the package, causing damage. Our tubes will protect from liquid spills and rain, crinkling and wrinkling, and rips and tears.

Purchase your cardboard mailing tubes at wholesale prices from Omnipak, along with caps and plugs that keep documents safely sealed inside. For added savings on large orders, give us a call and let us know what we can do to earn your business. We’d love to be your one-stop shop online for all of your packaging and shipping supplies, including everyday shipping room supplies, tape and dispensers, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, stretch film, and so much more.

Cardboard Mailing Tubes Wholesale

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