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For any move, finding the right Redwood City movers is essential. Budget Movers has been in the moving business for 50 years and can help take the stress out of your next move.

Whether you are moving locally or long distance, it is a stressful time. There is a lot do and little time to get it done.  Not to mention the fact that the routine tasks of our daily lives don’t stop such as working, cooking, cleaning, etc. 

Even though you may be able to move by yourself, hiring a professional moving company like Budget Movers can make a huge difference.  We have been in business for over 50 years and have been part of thousands of successful moves. 

We come equipped with knowledge, experience, equipment, and the manpower to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

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What To Know Before Hiring A Mover

How stress-free and easy a mover makes your move will depend on how good the mover is and whether they are compatible with what you require. These are some of the things to look at when hiring a mover:
  • Relevant Experience: You want to hire a mover experienced in the type of move you are making. So, if you are making a long-distance move, you want to see how much experience the candidate has in this type of moving. Or, if you are a small business moving office then look to see if the mover has sufficient experience in helping businesses of your size move. 
  • Quality of Equipment and Materials: Make sure to know what type of equipment the movers use. Are they using proper moving trucks for transport or borrowed vans? Do they have the proper moving equipment to help move the bigger items in the house without damaging them? And, if you are hiring them for packing, then what packing materials and processes do they have in place? 
  • Rates: Find out what the movers are charging for their services. Get quotes from a few candidates so you can know which one is offering best value for money and fits in your budget.  
  • Customer Reviews: The only way of truly knowing if the movers are good is knowing what their previous customers’ experiences were like. Look up online reviews and see what their customers have to say about their quality of service and professionalism. 

Tips On Making Moving Easier

There is no doubt that moving can be an overwhelming job. However, with the right approach, you can turn this task into a more manageable and less stressful experience. Here, we list some of the tips that can help make your move a much easier process:

  • Make a checklist: Make a detailed list of all the tasks that need to be done. This will help ensure that nothing is missed.  
  • Declutter: Before packing, identify what needs to go and what needs to donated or disposed of. This way you only take what you need to the new place. 
  • Begin packing early and in an organized fashion: Don’t leave packing for the end. Start packing early on, starting from the least essential items. Also, approach the process in an organized fashion, packing one room at a time.  
  • Choose sturdy, appropriately sized boxes: Look for sturdy boxes around the house. If you don’t have enough then invest into buying some boxes. Make sure to buy a size that is not too big to handle. You want to pack boxes that are easy to carry.  
  • Label clearly: To make unpacking easier, it is best to pack items from the same room together and label boxes of different rooms in different colors. This way, when unpacking, you know which box to put in which room. 
  • Make an essentials moving box: This box needs to have all those essential items you will need unpacked immediately such as toiletries, a set of clothes, medicines, etc.  

Why Choose Us as Your Redwood City Movers?

When it comes to local Redwood City movers, we are easily the best in the market for local and long-distance moving. There are several factors that make us the popular choice of locals:

  • Experience: With over 50 years of experience in the moving industry, you can rest assured that there is no project too hard for us and we have a well-established, efficient moving process that has stood the test of time.  
  • Professional Movers: Our team is made up of professional movers, who know how to deliver the highest quality of moving, packing, and storing services as needed by our clients.  
  • Competitive Rates: With 50 years in the market, we have been able to establish low overhead costs and high employee retention. And we passed on our lower costs to our clients in the form of competitive rates for our services. 
  • Hassle-Free Service: Our professionals are polite, punctual, and committed to getting the job done effectively and efficiently. This makes for a hassle-free experience for our customers.  
  • Highly Recommended: We have one of the highest repeat business rates in the San Mateo area and that is because our customers love the experience they get with us. Look us up or ask us for references and you will find we come highly recommended by our customers. 


So, if you are moving apartments, townhouses, condos, or small offices, and are anywhere in the Redwood City or the Bay Area, then give us a call. We will take the stress out of your moving and we will do that without putting much of a dent on your budget.

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