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In search of San Carlos moving services? Budget Movers San Carlos is your one-stop mover. We understand how overwhelming the entire moving process is from selling your old home to finding another, not forgetting that you have addresses to change and get a new school for your children. This is enough to worry about. To keep your hustle and bustle at a minimum, our professionals offer detailed moving services to handle all phases of your move.

Our Moving Services

We can handle all parts of your relocation. We offer first-class, price-effective residential and commercial moving services while taking great care of our clients’ items throughout the process. Here is a rundown of our San Carlos moving services.


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Full Pack

If your last moving process was hectic and tiresome, let us take on the burden of moving for you. We offer a full pack moving package that involves handling all aspects of your move. We supply packing materials, pack your possessions and load them to our vans. Once in your new place, we shall handle all the unpacking activities and dispose of unwanted items like packing bags. All you need is to tell us where everything goes; we will handle the rest of the job!

Partial Pack

If you are looking into spending less on the entire moving process, we offer partial pack services. In this package we ask our clients to be handle part of the packing activity, but know that our professionals can pitch in and complete as much of the packing as you require.


If you want complete unpack services, our team will carry all the boxes to the right rooms, do all the unpacking, including assembling the furniture and placing them in the appropriate locations.

Local Moves

You don’t have to be relocating to a place miles away to get our services. You can rely on us even when moving from one street of your town to the next at very affordable prices.

Interstate Moves

Our long-distance moving services also involve safe packing and storing of materials. To keep our clients involved in every phase of the move, we allow them to track the movement of the carriers. Our interstate moving services come with full value protection to cater for any damage of commodities, which rarely happens. Some interstate moves come along with strict regulations to follow. We have all the necessary credentials to handle any State requirements you may encounter. You can trust us for flawless services.

Interstate Moves

Someone might think that because you are just relocating to a new place within your state, the process is easy with little effort involved. There might be less strict regulations, but the pressure on the client’s side is still the same. Leave the packing, loading, transport, and unpacking task to our skilled movers and logistics experts as you attend to other matters.

Factors that Affect Your Moving Cost

A move involves many factors; no one move is the same. But, with over 50 years experience we have learned how to make your move seamless and cost efficient. Here are a few of the factors we use to determine moving costs. These factors include:

  • Moving distance
  • Nature of items being moved
  • Labor involved
  • Inclusion of packing and unpacking services
  • In long-distance moving, storage services for commodities
  • The accessibility of your old or new location.

10 Easy Ways to Cut Moving Costs

Over the years we have also learned the best ways to save money on your move. If you want your next moving experience to be as economical as possible, here are some tips you can utilize:

  • Do not buy packing materials. Instead, find free boxes before moving day.
  • Mobilize your friends and relatives to help you pack.
  • Visit a moving website or app to leverage discounts offered during that period.
  • Plan to move during the cheaper seasons.
  • Get rid of your unused items to reduce your packing requirements.
  • If possible, ask your friends to help you make a DIY move, especially in close locations.
  • Do thorough research about a company before hiring to ensure it is qualified and licensed.
  • Label your boxes properly to reduce unpacking time.
  • Use your resources like your car to move the items.
  • Design a detailed contract with your mover to prevent conflicts and additional costs.

Why us

We offer hot deals and discounts all year long to keep the moving costs minimum. Besides, we provide top-notch insurance options for our clients for guaranteed security of their products. Most importantly, we have been providing these services for more than 50 years now, which gives us the experience necessary to deliver flawless San Carlos moving services to all our clients. Whether it is local or far distance moving services, we can handle your move. Call us today to book an appointment.

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